Duped Updates: Tweak Week

So, my past few dev logs have all been thought processes and ideas behind certain aspects of the game. Those are fun to write, but I also want to include some of the updates that I have put into the game, so that people can see the progress being made. So, this week’s post is actually going to be some updates in the latest version.

I’ve been seeking feedback on the game for a while. One of the main pieces of feedback that I’ve been getting is that the Hub world is a little too confusing to navigate for the first time. So, I’ve been doing things in an attempt to help with this.

The slots for the crystals are now more obvious. Colour is brighter and the coloured area is a larger proportion of the slot. This should help people identify which crystal goes where.

Fixed a bug with the shoot UI when shooting a crystal. It now doesn’t do the location check to disable itself when shooting a crystal (this was causing a bad first impression).

There are now resolution options. Fullscreen / Fullscreen windowed, 3/4 windowed and 1/2 windowed.

A number of other minor tweaks have also been added in this version! If you’re looking to playtest it, head over here.

I’ll wrap this up with a teaser for what I’m working on next week. In the interest of being able to hint things to the player, I’ve realised I need some lighting in the game. So, I’m going to be adding lighting (and replacing a lot of the platform decorations with little glowing crystals which give off light). Should help add to the cave aesthetic too :).

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